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Explore the intersection between leadership, psychedelics, and other deep spiritual experiences. Learn how these experiences have shaped leaders around us, how they have changed how they manifest their vision, shaped their lives and our world.
S2 E27: Phil Dames, Music Maker and Director of Ops at Roots to Thrive, on music for psychedelic therapyNovember 18, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E26: Jason LeValley, Editor of Psychedelic Scene Magazine on psychedelic music, recreational vs. therapeutic use of psychedelics, and creativityNovember 02, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E25: Claire Jones, Sr VP of Operations on mental health, Ayahuasca, making time and space for yourselfOctober 25, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E24: Shannon Dames from Roots to Thrive on healing starting at the basement of the soulSeptember 12, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E23: Martin de Bókay, the "French Guru" on finding, listening to, and sharing your own unique voiceAugust 25, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E22: Lakshmi Narayan, Founder at Awake Media, co-Founder at Awake.Net, Rediscovering who we are, Climbing the ladder of consciousnessAugust 04, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E21: Amélie Beerens on Rediscovering Yourself and Creating a Business Without WallsJuly 27, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E20: Honshin, Internationally renowned artist and poet on creativity and spiritualityJuly 20, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E19: David Wood on substance regulation in the Canada vs. US, psychedelics access for end-of-life distress, and leadership July 13, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E18: Holly Huber on brain mapping & training, superpowers, divinity & spirituality, poetry, and burnoutJune 30, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E17: Hanifa Nayo Washington on Fireside project, the art of listening, healing with songsJune 28, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E16: Jose Franchini Vasquez, Ayahuascero, family man, teacher, community leaderJune 23, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E15: Dr Pamela Kryskow on nurturing our humanity, childlike curiosity, healing and integrating with natureJune 22, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 E14: Kunti Trejo on being a medicine woman, creativity and temazcal ceremoniesJune 16, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 Ep. 13: Sean McCormick on health optimization, curiosity, leadership and psychedelicsMay 27, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 Ep. 12: Jéssika Lagarde on women on psychedelics, traveling the world, and creativityMay 18, 2022 Episode artwork Season 2 Ep. 11: Jason Grechanik on the wisdom of plants, ancient cultures, martial arts, ayahuasca, and more...May 05, 2022 Episode artwork S2 E10: Susan Guner on building resilience, self-agency, congruency, and somatic therapyApril 28, 2022 Episode artwork Leadershipedelics S2E9: Saba Candari, CEO of Entho Ventures on intentional transformation, making space for yourself, and psychedelicsApril 13, 2022 Episode artwork Leadershipedelics S2E8 - Stefany Nieto on sustainable projects, psychedelics and building products at GwellaApril 06, 2022 Episode artwork Leadershipedelics S2E7 - Rick Elliott on being a dad, husband, finding happiness, ayahuasca and bufo alvariusMarch 30, 2022 Episode artwork Leadershipedelics S2E6 - Erin Cochrane on intentions, communities, and Gwella MushroomsMarch 23, 2022 Episode artwork Leadershipedelics S2E5 - Roel Bij De Vaate on being loved, being valued, pain & spiritualityMarch 16, 2022 Episode artwork Leadershipedelics S2E4 - Meggen Harris on being a renaissance woman living her true selfMarch 09, 2022 Episode artwork Leadershipedelics S2E3 - Renee M Gagnon on the consequence of being, being human, trans, passionate, awareMarch 02, 2022 Episode artwork