Leadershipedelics S2E3 - Renee M Gagnon on the consequence of being, being human, trans, passionate, aware

March 02, 2022 Sebastien Season 2 Episode 3
Leadershipedelics S2E3 - Renee M Gagnon on the consequence of being, being human, trans, passionate, aware
Show Notes

This week we meet with Renee Melodie Gagnon. Renee was born in Calgary and grew up on British Columbia’s West Coast. She achieved Canadian Federal Cannabis license number 005 and two Dealers Licenses, most recently for psychedelics. She’s an outspoken advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in Business, cover of The Advocate Magazine Women of the Year 2020, proud wife of an amazing warrior woman, dadmom, and trans person.

 Join us for a profound and insightful conversation about “being”, being human, being trans, being passionate, being inquisitive, being aware, being a couple and the tools that can help us along the way. We talk about the opportunity at hand and the consequences of being. Wow 🙏❤️


  • Cultural whiplash growing up in Alberta
  • Psychedelic experiences and understanding trauma
  • Growing cannabis with an Apple computer in the 80’s
  • Shito Ryu’s karate and Zen Buddhism
  • Letting your passions lead the way
  • Educating children about drugs
  • Ethical cross-conflicts between Corporate and Psychedelics
  • Psychedelics to understand the mind & develop software
  • Coming out, living out loud and proud, and the consequences of being
  • Time, death, and the opportunity to evolve our specie
  • Psychedelics and therapy for couples
  • Carlos Castaneda, Star Trek, Dune and much more…

🧠Powerful Quotes 🧠 (many more but I ran out of space)

 “I wasn’t so concerned there was a path for me, but I knew I had passions and, if left alone, I would follow those.”

 “I was given a basket of odd tools, and psychedelics have allowed me to embrace them with abandon rather than fear.”

 “Your minds are slippery eels with thorns in them. They don’t want to be held, but with psychedelics if you apply the notice-but-not-apprehend it’s like grasping sand. If you hold too tight it runs out of your fingers but if you cup your hand, you can hold it.”

 “My job is to see if I can live a harmless life as best as I’m able and exit with the least sins on my soul as I can and as few dents left in others.”

 “I had to come out, I had to exist. It was like a pressure behind a wall that had been building up behind a dam for 48 years.”

 “I had to embrace not just being trans but that there were consequences for my existence that were not under my control.”    

 “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put 1,000 years of evil behind us in three generations of focus.”

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