Leadershipedelics S2E4 - Meggen Harris on being a renaissance woman living her true self

March 09, 2022 Meggen Harris Season 2 Episode 4
Leadershipedelics S2E4 - Meggen Harris on being a renaissance woman living her true self
Show Notes
This week we meet with Meggen Harris. Meggen is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and a true renaissance woman. She’s helped thought leaders and brands connect with their audience for over 20 years. She’s a free spirit, she’s not afraid to challenge authority, discuss taboo subjects and call out people addicted to power. She lives true to herself and she’s on a mission to show others how to live true to themselves. We cover a lot of ground from Gen Xers, sexual empowerment, dancing, war on drugs to leadership and, of course, psychedelics. Enjoy.


  • Breaking out of the box and living true to your soul
  • Leading with authenticity
  • Challenging the war-on-drugs narrative
  • What happened to GenX?
  • Ketamine therapy, microdosing, and empathy
  • Dancing
  • Power addiction in the world
  • Risks of being a people pleaser 
  • Navigating an imperfect world
  • Sexual empowerment and other taboos 
  • Slowing down tech without being anti-tech
  • Power of free thinking and not delegating it
  • Importance of improv in life
🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠

 “We cannot all be circles.”

“Don’t box me in. I’m a freaking circle. I don’t want to be labelled. To me labels are boxes and are limiting and I don’t want limiting thinking. All my life experiences just add rings to this concentric circle and I’m just a really big wheel at this point and I expect it to expand.”
☝️ Seb's favorite ☝️

 “We (GenX) were the original stick-it-to-the-man punk rock and yet we’re just sitting back all passive, which is so weird because our generation really was rebellious.” 

“I want to die with grace. Why aren’t we there yet folks? There are so many things we need to be addressing, mental health, being good individuals, not abusing or seeking power.”

“Change is hard. You think you got it, and then you don’t. You think you’re done with work and then you don’t. And then you realize it’s always work.”

“We need to be leaders of our own lives first and foremost before we can be leaders of anyone or anything else out there.”

“I’m a sexual woman who lives life to its fullest and I should be able to talk about all those things without being judged.”

“This planet isn’t about having a perfect world. It’s about navigating through and picking your battles appropriately. There is a time to fight and there is a time to drop it, let it go, and move on. It’s like riding a wave.”

“We don’t get a script for life. If we got a script, wouldn’t it be much easier? But we don’t.”

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