S2 E10: Susan Guner on building resilience, self-agency, congruency, and somatic therapy

April 28, 2022 Sebastien Season 2 Episode 10
S2 E10: Susan Guner on building resilience, self-agency, congruency, and somatic therapy
Show Notes

This week we meet with Susan Guner. Susan is a trained, somatic, trauma-informed holistic psychotherapist. She’s also the host of the Psychedelic Conversations Podcast. Her mindfulness-based approach is grounded in transpersonal psychology and integrates the mind, body, and spirit aspects of human experience for personal growth and development. This approach focuses on gaining a holistic perspective and increasing self-awareness through introspection, insights, and compassionate self-exploration.

 We talk about resilience, self-agency, congruency, somatic and psychedelic therapies. Susan shares how her journey shaped her approach to therapy, we talk about the story behind Today’s Vibe posts which are often dark and intense, and much more. 


  • The story behind the intense “Today’s Vibe” posts
  • The importance of self-agency
  • Somatic therapy, what it is, and how it can help
  • Working with trauma, darkness, and intensity
  • Understanding that healing takes time
  • The “being skinned alive” concept in healing experiences
  • Balancing lightheartedness with serious work
  • Safe “containers” and why they matter
  • The need for a more trauma-informed society
  • The power of fragility and leadership
  • Book recommendations

🧠Memorable Quotes 🧠

“The healing never happens magically. The only time I’ve seen healing happening super fast is when the person is really ready to let go of everything. They’re ready to shed, they’re ready to just release what’s holding them back and they just go for it.”

 “We became this culture where we can’t take anything, any information that has any negative or dark or intensity to it. We can’t handle it. This is becoming a bigger problem because it’s showing us where that capacity is, where that resilience is.”

 “My idea of healing is becoming so strong and resilient that you become so unshakable and centered within you that you can contain everything.” 

 “Let’s not forget we are fragile being. We are made of bones, skin and blood. We are here for a reason. We are in this physical realm experiencing this physical body which is finite. “

Connecting with Susan

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