Season 2 Ep. 12: Jéssika Lagarde on women on psychedelics, traveling the world, and creativity

May 18, 2022 Sebastien Season 2 Episode 12
Season 2 Ep. 12: Jéssika Lagarde on women on psychedelics, traveling the world, and creativity
Show Notes

This week on the Leadershipedelics Podcast, meet Jéssika Lagarde

Jéssika is a psychedelic-assisted medicine guide in the Netherlands. She’s also a freelance writer in the psychedelic space and co-founded Women on Psychedelics (or WOOP), an educational platform that advocates for the end of stigmatization around women’s mental health and substance use, and the normalization of psychedelics for therapy and healing. Jéssika’s passion for storytelling, women's empowerment, and psychoactive substances comes alive in WOOP's content since 2020.

We talk about Jéssika’s travels across 30 different countries, the impact psychedelics have had on her life, what she’s learned from guiding others in their journey, the act of creating for reconnecting with your body, and the story behind women on psychedelics and much more. Enjoy 🙏


  • Lessons from travels to 30 different countries in 5 years
  • Impact of toxic relationships on self-love 
  • How working with psilocybin and magic truffles changes her life
  • Self-expression and flow state to reconnect with the body
  • Being present with the act of creating
  • Story behind Women on Psychedelics
  • Holding space to enable others to be vulnerable
  • Lessons from guiding psychedelic sessions 
  • Listening to the love inside yourself
  • Leadership is like mycelium (again) 

🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠

 “There are two types of travelers, people who are looking for something and people who are running away from something and back then I was a mix of both of those.”

 “Psychedelic experiences have connected me much more with my true essence behind everything that has happened to me, all the insecurity, all the narratives, all the stories I tell myself about who I am, and they brought me to this deeper part of me.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️

 “These (psychedelic) compounds can bring you more self-awareness and when we start from this place of self, that’s where it ripples, and it can affect other people with that.” 

 “Leadership is like the mycelium network. It’s how you’re able to connect people with other people, see everyone as their own unique person, no one being better than the other but when we all come together, we can create this incredible thing.”

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