Season 2 Ep. 13: Sean McCormick on health optimization, curiosity, leadership and psychedelics

May 27, 2022 Sebastien Season 2 Episode 13
Season 2 Ep. 13: Sean McCormick on health optimization, curiosity, leadership and psychedelics
Show Notes

This week, we meet with Sean McCormick. Sean is an expert in performance biohacking , the host of the Optimal Performance Podcast and a certified life and performance coach with clients like NFL and MLS players, CEOs and TV stars. Disclaimer: Sean helped me in my own journey when I was making big changes to my life.

We talk about his journey from starting Float Seattle over 10 years ago, to the insights he’s gained along the way, as a dad, as a coach, from his experiences with psychedelics and as an expert health optimizer and entrepreneur.  Sean shares his first experiences with Ayahuasca over ten years ago and his more recent experience with 5-MeO-DMT (Toad) where somehow Google AI showed up in the middle of it. We talk about children and the importance of curiosity in their lives and we bring it all back to leadership and cedar trees. Enjoy 🙏❤️


  • Starting Float Seattle, becoming a dad, and Sean’s first Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Depth of consciousness gained in realizing we are not our bodies
  • Getting your body to a place of vitality so your brain works properly
  • Lightheartedness and the AWE that is this life
  • Appropriate, responsible psychedelic experiences as tools to orient ourselves
  • When Google AI showed up in the middle of a 5-MeO-DMT experience
  • Cleansing the residue from daily interactions
  • Shipibo tapestries as a representation of energy
  • The role of curiosity and stupid questions, especially with kids
  • Leaders that make you lean forward
  • Leadership as a cedar tree
  • Health optimization

🧠 Memorable Quotes 🧠

 “The leaders you resonate with the most are the ones that make you lean forward.” ❤️ Seb's favorite ❤️

 “What’s a good leader? It’s not someone who has all the answers all the time, it’s someone who asks great questions and finds solution and gets people excited about what they’re doing.”

 “We should all suspend our beliefs and keep an open mind and an open heart to continue to learn because there are lessons in every moment of every day that if you’re paying attention and open to receive, you’re going to learn things. And that’s going to make you a more complete person.”

 “Insatiable curiosity, just engagement with the world, engagement with the people around you, with the ideas you’re thinking about, that level of curiosity can be taught and instilled in young people.”

 “Insight doesn’t come watching Netflix. These important moments that orient your way happen in the shower, on the beach somewhere, meditating by a creek, on a walk without your phone. And they also happen when you are in an altered state of consciousness (with psychedelics).”

Connecting with Sean

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