Leadershipedelics - The Story Behind Leadershipedelics

December 02, 2021 Sebastien Season 1
Leadershipedelics - The Story Behind Leadershipedelics
Show Notes

Leadershipedelics episode 0 – The story behind Leadershipedelics  

In this episode Rob Kalwarowsky guest hosts to interview Sébastien Fouillade, the host of Leadershipedelics.  Learn about Sébastien’s story, his experience walking between two worlds, and his motivation behind Leadershipedelics.

Key highlights 

  • The dual meaning behind Leadershipedelics.
  • The influence psychedelics have had on leaders and the world we live in.
  • The boxes we build for ourselves.
  • Knowledge transfer vs. “feeling” transfer
  • We don’t know where we are until we do the deep inner work.
  • The importance of living your truth.
  • Our potential to create an amazing world.
  • Helping people experience what they can be and giving them control back.

 Memorable quotes 

 “Sometimes you have to stop questioning and you need to trust the Universe rather than trying to take it apart. Eventually if you keep trying to take it apart, you’ll break it.”

 “Psychedelics have helped me see what is on the other side of what I’ve been programmed to experience.”

 “If you want to break the patterns of the past, it doesn’t start with your children, it starts with you.”

Guest host: Rob Kalwarowsky 

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