Leadershipedelics episode 1 - Luc Van Poelje

December 08, 2021 Sebastien Season 1 Episode 1
Leadershipedelics episode 1 - Luc Van Poelje
Show Notes

Luc Van Poelje from Psychedelic Insights 

In this episode we connect with Luc Van Poelje, the founder of Psychedelic Insights.  Luc is a psychedelic guide, working with high dose psilocybin truffles. Based out of Amsterdam, he ran 2 different psychedelic retreat centers and is setting up his 3rd one this year. He is a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, internet startup entrepreneur, a passionate plant medicine advocate and he is a proud dad to his daughter Sam.

Key highlights 

  • Luc's 1st experience with Ayahuasca and the impact on his life.
  • His journey to follow his heart and how it unfolded.
  • His work with the ministry of defense in Netherlands to create a program to help veterans.
  • His relationship with nature and how he brings this into his work.
  • What he has learned from working with over 300 clients.
  • His perspective on leadership in the world and on legalization of psychedelics.

 Memorable quotes 

  • “Control is an illusion, so what are you afraid of losing?”
  • “I had to sit through all scenarios I came up with to realize Love was the answer.”
  • “It is a secret of human existence that we have this door inside of us we can access.”
  • “Ayahuasca showed me they were just ego dreams."
  • “It is really deep psychological work and you'll really have to face a mirror...”
  • "What is lacking (in leadership) today is authenticity."
  • "It wasn't science that put psychedelics in the sin-bin it was politics, so politics can take it out."
  • "Psychedelics allow for more authentic leadership."
  • "Leadership isn't someone who leads the way, it's someone who is between others."

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