Leadershipedelics episode 2 - Marik Hazan

December 15, 2021 Sebastien Season 1 Episode 2
Leadershipedelics episode 2 - Marik Hazan
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Marik Hazan from Tabula Rasa Ventures

In this episode we meet with Marik Hazan, the founder and CEO of Tabula Rasa Ventures, an incubator, accelerator and fund focused on transforming the landscape for mental health using legal psychedelics. Marik is an engineer and advocate who has worked across “counter culture” industries, who led marketing and growth for many of Silicon Valley’s top startups. He holds an MBA from the Yale school of management  and helped develop the Yale school of management entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Key highlights 

  • His advocacy work from an early age
  • His narrative-breaking experiences and their impact
  • What drives him, his approach to leadership, his vision for the future
  • The need for openness in leadership
  • The influence of psychedelics on creativity
  • The need for community after a psychedelic experience
  • The connection between the pentatonic scale, indigenous songs, and nature
  • A story about Steve Jobs and approaching creativity
  • His upcoming book "our trip together"

Connecting with Marik Hazan 

About Leadershipedelics  

Today's episode
From advocacy to counter culture
Conflict and advocacy
Meaning of leadership
Narrative breaking experiences
Creativity and psychedelics
Pentatonic scale and indigenous songs
Impact of psychedelics and integration
The hippies of VC's
Vision for the future
Openness, leadership, creativity
A Steve Jobs story
Connecting with Marik
Writing a book: Our Trip Together
Wrap up