Leadershipedelics S1E3 - Rob Kalwarowsky, the Corporate Ladder's Mental Health Toll

December 22, 2021 Sebastien Season 1 Episode 3
Leadershipedelics S1E3 - Rob Kalwarowsky, the Corporate Ladder's Mental Health Toll
Show Notes

In this episode we meet with Rob Kalwarowsky!

Rob is on a mission to spread the message of people-centric leadership and the importance of mental health throughout the world. Rob is a Fearless Organization Practitioner and an Elite High Performance leadership coach. Before transitioning into leadership, Rob spent over 10 years as an engineer within mining, oil pipelines, and consulting in heavy industry.  Rob is also the co-host of the Leadership Launchpad Project and the Dismantling the High-Performance Narrative podcasts. Rob graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Management, he was also a competitive water polo athlete and played on the Canadian National Water Polo team.


  • Rob’s journey from competitive sports to climbing the corporate ladder.
  • The toll of that journey on his mental health. 
  • Rob's experience with various therapies from EMDR to Ketamine therapy.
  • The positive impact of ketamine therapy on Rob, his coaching work, and his life.
  • The importance of truly valuing ourselves and the people around us.
  • Rob's approach to leadership and how he helps others via coaching.

Memorable quotes

“I had done 15 different medications with regular doctor and psychiatrist, and I had basically given up, that’s when I started looking at psychedelics.”

“I really do believe psychedelics gave me the perspective where you can see the world for what it is. You can see that your value as a person isn’t tied to the job that you have.”

“We need to change how we’re leading. We need to lean into people and lean into empathy and shared trust.”

“We need to start truly valuing ourselves and valuing the people around us. And you can only get there through empathy and it starts with changing your perspective and being able to step in and being able to be vulnerable with yourself first. And that’s when you can give that to other people.”

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